The first day i had black bowel movements.. the next day normal color only pooling with blood. My concern is the doctors didn't really check anything out at all. They said my symptoms were normal.. but when I read up on black stools it says it's very serious and I should be admitted. I'm concerned about my health and apparently the doctors are to lazy in my town to answer the questions I have about life style changes and when it's serious to go into the ER. Please help me. This is my first bout with these problems. And I suffer from high anxiety that I'm sure is what caused this problem in the first place. I need answers so I don't freak out and make my problem worse.
Black/ bloody stool
Pain in mid chest
Severe fatigue
Having the sensation to have a bowel movement all day
Lack of appetite

Also my state of consciousness changes through out the day. One minute I'm all here the next I feel so distant. And I stare off randomly. The next minute I feel my heart racing into an anxiety attack. I do have alot of stress in my life right now. I have a baby girl no job and my fiancee recently lost his. My grandfather is dying and my step father recently passed away. I need some advice from someone who has been through this so I can put my mind at ease and try to relax so my body can heal. Please help!!!