... to have a feeding tube and could not eat by mouth for a year. Then they did a surgery something like gastric bypass where they removed half my stomach and reattached every thing and for a year or two I've been good can eat anything. Well recently I went into the hospital and after scan found out that I had a twist in my bowel but they said it wasn't anything to worry about because it wasn't completely blocking things from passing. After I eat, any solid foods that is, I get doubled over in excruciating pain. They found after doing an upper scope on my stomachs that I had an ulcer but they said it was small. I'm just scared and open to any answers, thoughts, or opinions. I hadn't eat four days befor I entered the hospital this last time, I was in there for seven or eight days and couldn't eat, and they sent me home said drink lots of liquids and protein shakes. Something just doesn't seem right to me I've had ulcers so large that it completely blocked anything from passing even liquids, but they're telling me give it time come back in two weeks and we will see how things are going. They say the new ulcer I have is small and that could be causing the pain but no matter how blan the foods is I can't eat anything solid. I'm no doctor but I do know my body and I do know that something is wrong