Super long question. Please read it all!

I've been on the combined birth control pill for probably 8 months. Never have I missed a pill and it's always taken at 9pm.

Sunday (August 14th) I had sex without a condom. 30 seconds into it I said stop because I realized how stupid i was being. No he didn't ejaculate but of course pre-*** has a slim chance of creating pregnancy.

Monday (August 15th) I had some cramping. Tuesday I woke up feeling sick as can be. Having uncontroabble watery diarrhea nonstop and cramping. Wednesday morning it was the same thing but I vomited. I have hardly eaten as well.

Friday the diarrhea has continued and I went to the bathroom and just urinated and when I wiped there was a small amount of brown mucus blood on the paper. This happened twice. So of course I'm thinking implantation bleeding.

Saturday (Yesterday) I had random spells of just wanting to vomit and I had such severe cramping that I was out of breath and crying. This morning I woke up nauseous and vomited and again had the watery diarrhea.

My next period isn't due until August 31st & I know implantation bleeding doesn't occur until a week max to 3-4 days before your period.

I'm not sure if it's the stomach flu that I still have or it could be very early pregnancy symptoms. Which I'm hoping that's all in my head.