So I am currently on birth control pills and have been on them for a year. However I have recently gotten the stomachs flu which has included vomiting and diahrea. So I take my bc pill at 9pm every night so the first night I took it as normal with no sickness however the next day at around 3 In the afternoon I stared vomiting every half an hour and had severe diahrea. This then stopped by 8 o'clock that night and I took my bc pill at 9 as per usual. I have not had diahre or vomiting since then and it is the next day. However I still feel Queezy and haven't eaten anything.

Can anyone tell me if I am protected against pregnancy? I have had over 8 hours for the pills to dissolve each time? But will the flu effect it?

I have had sex the day before I got the flu, this is why I am worried.

Please respond! Thankyou