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Stiolto Respimat - Would this take the place of Spriva?I am currently on Advair inhaler and Spriva?

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Patient byneed 22 Jul 2016

Stiolto is a little different than many inhalers. Atrovent contains a short-acting bronchodilater combined with a corticosteroid - as does Combivent. Some people have unfavourable side effects from steroids -- thrush is one, as is loss of ability to talk (temporary). Stiolto has a long-acting bronchdilater and an anticholinergic (drying) agent. Stiolto is steroid free and used 1time daily. (Patients on Stiolto should almost always have access to albuterol or some other fast-acting bronchodilater as a "rescue inhaler").

illini 8 Jan 2018

I take Stiolto and it's 2 puffs, once a day. Replacing Spiriva and Advair.

illini 13 Jan 2018

I was on Spiriva and Advair, and went to Stiolto respimat. Saved me some money, because inhalers are so expensive. Dr told me NOT to take Advair with Stiolto, as it has one of the same type of ingredients in it. free discount card

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