This is my first post, and I usually avoid online forums, but I desperately need some advice. I currently take 60mg Vyvanse every morning, 10 mg adderall xr in the evenings, and 60 mg Cymbalta to treat my ADD and minor anxiety. I am also protein s deficient and take 10 mg Coumadin every day to prevent blood clots. I love this regimen and it has helped lead a succesful, happy life for the past year. My problem is that I am a competitive triathlete and I am worried that the stims are hurting my heart and my performance.
Pre stims, my resting heart rate was 50 and it rarely exceeded 170 during exercise. Now my RHR is 65-75, and frequently passes 185-190 during intense exercise. Not only does this scAre me, but my performance in races suffers because I reach my max heart rate way too quickly.
I am 29, and I eat an incredibly heaLthy diet and am in great shape. In fact I had a stress test recently and I easily maxed out the machine. But again, my concern is that I could be performing much better if my heart was not so taxed all the time. Any thoughts?