hi all,
so I am still on sub.its been 10 months on sub.1 relapsI take 3milg-4milg a day.I am so moody.Snappy.I am trying to figure out if that is a symptom of sub,or if its just because I am going through hard times in my life(marriage problems,no sex for 8 months) i am not just regular moody.I feel bitchy,moody inside all the time.emotionally.up and down.Is this common with sub??? I really wanna get off of it... but I am too scared.is there a way to not have to be sick for months... getting off sub?i hear from alot that w/d is for months even if u taper.I am so tired of this.I want me back.I used to be so happy and funny.Now I am that angry chick in the store being a bitch to sales people.I dont wanna be like that.I wanna be happy.will i ever feel normal again.If i stay on sub will I always be moody?