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Still dealing with the same headache, any suggestions?

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Marvell 30 Jan 2012

How long have you had the headache for, how severe is it and what have you taken for it until now? Are you on any other medicines?

A69 30 Jan 2012

I have had the same headache for about a week now, at times it is more severe than others & I dont know why. The only medicine I am on is zoloft and according to the rx descrip, headaches are not listed in the side effects. I have tried most all over the counter stuff for headaches and sinus problems but nothing seems to work. I have no idea what is causing it. Sucks

Marvell 2 Feb 2012

It's really difficult to say what could be the cause of your headache but if it is really bothersome than please see your doctor.

A69 3 Feb 2012

I have had the same headache for about 2 weeks now. The severity varies, sometimes it is dull and sometimes it is unbareable. I have taken pretty much all over the counter meds and nothing works. The only medication I am on is zoloft and headace is NOT a side effect.

Inactive 30 Jan 2012

I'm sorry I can't remember , but are you the one who wrote in a day or two ago & caffeine was suggested? If so, have you tried Excedrin? It has caffeine,tylenol & aspirin. I find if I'm getting a migraine if i take two Excedrins with a cup of coffee & an allergy pill (actifed)it goes away. If you have tried everything possible you need to see your doctor. This could be just a migriane or a warning sign of something more serious going on. Just my thoughts... Mary

A69 30 Jan 2012

Yes, same person, same headache. Thanks for the advice but no luck with the excedrin or coffee but maybe I should try the actifed? What do you think?

Inactive 30 Jan 2012

If you have allergies or a cold. I have allergies that will bring on some doozey headaches. I still think you should get checked out by a doctor. Headaches can be a symtom of something else... Mary

A69 30 Jan 2012

Yes I have terrible allergies as well. I will go see my doctor anyway. thanks. free discount card

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