I started bupropion hcl yesterday. 75mg 2x a day. I fought hard to try and get the brand name because I've found I'm very sensitive to antidepressants and all the negative reviews I've read on the generics but my insurance just won't cover it. I've tried Prozac for 10 days and it made me have suicidal thoughts. Lexapro made me have panic attacks and Zoloft increased my anxiety as well. I know you're supposed to try and stick out the side effects but I guess I'm not strong enough to do so because I can't bare them. I'm taking bupropion for anxiety, OCD, depression and binge eating. I'm also on adderall IR 20mg 3x a day. This helps control my urges during the day and suppress my appetite but my body is quite used to it now so the effects have extremely lessened and it also leaves me with a very hard crash at the end of the day with all of my issues back 10x harder ending with a binge regardless of me eating healthy throughout the day. This is why I've been trying antidepressants. Ive also tried Vyvanse for a decent amount of time and it was not helpful in the slightest. I've noticed the bupropion quite literally seems to cancel out the effects of adderall to the point I felt like I didn't take it at all and it's increased my hunger tremendously to the point I can't seem to get full. I've read how this is known to suppress your appetite but I'm wondering if because it's the generic it won't? Or if the first few days you're hungry then it suppresses? I want to try and stick this out but the last thing I need to do is gain the weight back that I've fought so hard to lose and the rest I'm still fighting to.