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Stevens-Johnson Syndrome - What soap or shampoo can I use to clean soars?

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canaryrow 30 May 2016

Use your nose first! If you cannot tolerate the sensation of the chemical, nose-stinging, astringent smell of any cleanser you should probably avoid it!

Strangely, when I had a massive allergy reaction leaving open sores, I ended up using liquid Wisk; it was one of the first low allergen detergents available.
It finally figured out my "hypoallergenic" diluted "liquid laundry detergent" that I was already using for clothing was also safe for skin care. I had to stop using any form of solid, dry or powdered cleansers that contained coloring/ dyes/perfumes/left residue... I still cannot use them. I went back to basics for all skin care.
Doctors initially told me to use plain "Crisco" as skin care (yes the stuff used for cooking; the theory being if I could eat it, it was probably safe for my skin). Castile liquid soaps. Unscented (eco/green) laundry supplies. I use vinegar (in one of those plastic wash softener balls) instead of fabric softeners. I kept my head shaved for years, to avoid using shampoos; I now have dredlocks... Even now I have to avoid synthetic fabrics and stick with mostly cottons; I could not even tolerate clothing that lost dyes in the wash so white-tans became my colors for several years.
My scars faded; it was a scarey time!
Hope you and your skin are healing.
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