... spent 3 weeks, because the Clindamycin I got for a cellulitis infection triggered SJ. Red, exquisitely painful skin that peeled off my arms and shoulders. My BP soared to 204/84. No blistering to speak of. But 4 years ago, while in the hospital for the same issue, I was given vancomycin. Within 48 hours my skin started to blister and peel off in sheets. My BP was just as high, and my kidneys went nuts. I had diabetes INSIPIDUS, with uncontrolled thirst and urinating. This was, of course, toxic epidermal necrolysis, the extreme end of the SJ spectrum. I also think I had a third SJ attack, caused by the Zyvox antibiotic I was taking at home. It was another "dry peel" but there were a few tiny blisters. This was the 1st time, BTW, the TEN was the 2nd, and the one a few weeks ago was the 3rd time. I am retired and having all sorts of bad side-effects with many medications