I had complained to my doctor about loss of sex drive and weak erections... he checked the usual suspects via bloodwork and my test came back with a 192 value on testosterone... (300 to 1000 considered normal). He prescribed me 50mg(1 tube of testim daily). After 90 days, I visted him and said the sex drive was still low, seemed like a I had a little boost 30 days in but things kinda flattened out after that. Anyhow, he draws blood and the re-test value comes back 328(In Normal Range).

I went online and searched for "normal" testosterone ranges by age... my theory being what is normal for a 22 year old isnt the same normal value for a 72 year old. Anyhow, for a 42 year old man I found a couple of sources that said testosterone levels in the 550-600 range would be considered normal.

So, I went back to the doctor and said I'm still having low drive(my main symptom)... and my 328 test is still very close to the low end of spectrum... can I go to 2 testim tubes per day?? His answer was no, insurance wont cover that because I'm in the 'normal range' with my 1 tube regimen.

Anyone else face the same roadblock ?
I'm torn as to what to do. Should I seek a second opinion from an endocronlogist? Stockpile my testim and stop taking it so I can fake out my next test to be on the low side? Just seems so dishonest to do that.
I'm not trying to be Barry Bonds... I'm just trying to get enough sex drive so I can maintain a healthy relationship with someone

Thanks for any insight.