Does anybody know anything about the second about, the second generation medication stelazine. I heard it works on some anxiety and psychosis. but does it causes weight gain. Or does it have you acting like a zombie. Also the the prescription information sheet says, this medication is a a typical psychotropic, for emotional and mood disorders. If it does i might be reluctant to try it.My diagnosis is schizo-affective disorder.Also does it help with sleep.If it does i might be willing to try it, the reason why i say that is i had taken it for one day and i mellowed out. I was very calm, when my symptoms first hit me. I might try it again, if i can come across some good reviews.Before i was a very active person, then the doctor put me on geodon when the invega stop working. When i'm on the geodon, i do one thing and that's it. By that i mean when i go to my program i just go there take groups and that's it.When i'm finished i come home, as to before i would find something to do, go over to sister's house, or cousin's house,play basketball. Do something. This medication i'm on is geodon is dead. No emotion, no feeling. I'm, tired of living my life like that. It's got to be something better out there.Looking for any advice.