I remember the last time i was on this website about 9 months ago. I was well and truly... if im totally honest. I wasnt long out of rehab, of which i was very unsucessful at and i was put on a suboxone script to try and get me off the gear, which it did. Little did I understand about the nature of the illness i suffer from... addiction.

I thought for some reason that i may be able to get away with havin a crack pipe whilst on the script (insane). I then spent a further 3 months from that day smashin the arse out of that crack pipe only to land myself in another rehab just before christmas, nearly 3 stone under weight. i felt doomed.

Im just turned 27 and ive spent 13 years of my life abusing every substance that was put in my path. From the day i entered the treatment centre on the 22nd december 2010 i have touched nothing, not even a pint of lager. Im totally clean. And the obsession to use has been lifted.

I spent 2 months in rehab they detoxed me off the subs and the moment i got out i started workin a 12 step programme and i am to this day and im clean. Nothing has ever been able to stop me from drugs, opiates especially. I am chronic addict who has never been able to picture a life without herion but here i am 6 months clean with no obession to stick a 2ml in my groin. POWERFUL STUFF.