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How statistically significant/credible are studies correlating seroquel use to brain damage?

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kaismama 11 Dec 2013

I don't take any study as credible until the FDA publishes a warning. Many of these small studies are flawed in the way they are done. When they tell you about all these little studies on tv, if you wait a few months you'll hear about one that says the first one is wrong.

WildcatVet 11 Dec 2013

Hi, w940! To my mind these studies are so much piffle until the results of peer reviewed objective, analytical studies are released.
Subjective observation of patient reported symptoms without actual testing can only *suggest* results. These studies also don't report percentages of actual users, or at least an acceptable number of test subjects.
Bear in mind, also, that the chemical disturbances in the brain that cause psychiatric disorders can cause brain damage in and of themselves.
Best wishes, WCV

kaismama 11 Dec 2013

Any one can look at 10 people who had brain damage, and say the common drug was this or that. Then the news media jumps on this stuff and scares the crap out of people.

WildcatVet 12 Dec 2013

One *study* I looked at interviewed some 65,000 users of whom 32 (subjectively) reported adverse symptoms. 0.05%!
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