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Do Statins really help to prevent Heart attack ? Role of elevated Total Cholesterol is doubtful?

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kaismama 26 Jan 2013

I was reading about one the other day, and the literature said "won't prevent heart attack". I'm with you. I want to see proof that a high cholesterol actually means anything. My great grand parents lived to be almost 100, eating a good farm breakfast of bacon, eggs and fried potatoes. They never even heard of cholesterol.

RGO 23 Apr 2013

Cholesterol is an extremely poor predictor of a heart attack. But the theory sells well, and that is what its all about.

Lilmamatj 1 Feb 2013

Statins are a conjunctive therapy with diet, blood sugar control, weight loss, exercise the whole enchilada. They do reduce cholesterol but the tried and true is still for most people diet and weight control. There are those of us with bad genes that effect cholesterol, heart disease that do not respond well. There are different drugs in the statin catagory that are new. Also the Pritiken diet which reduces fat intake to 10% of caloric intake has worked for people that do not respond to conventional tx. It is an extreme diet and difficult to stay on but was created by a cardiologist for his patient's that were not responding to statins. Google it and take a look.

Kishan Vasekar 1 Feb 2013

The serious side effects of Statins ( i faced it recently) make them the last choice. Unfortunately , they are prescribed and taken by millions when not required Choice is yours.thanks

AquariusAnneCA 1 Feb 2013

I am in completely agreement with the party named Vishar (hope I spelled it correctly)... be very aware of the side affects of statin drugs. My leg muscles are worthless today due to the statins and hearing, eyesight, kidneys were all affected. But that was me so I am only speaking for myself. Just be aware. I think we need a certain amount of cholestrol. My totals are 350 and have been that way for 20 years! I will never ever take a statin drug.

Kishan Vasekar 2 Feb 2013

Dear All Heart patients--Statin--The remedy is probably worse than disease.
Best is to shift to Veg Diest , Reduce fried chips, cut sugar by 80 %, Move to rock /natural salt and Cut down dinner by 30 % in next 3 months.
I have done this along with Ayurvedic Treatment . GOD's grace , Very Good cardiologists in India and help of my family doctors( Daughter is Doctor and Son in Law is cardiologist in USA) has helped me to recover from impossible .Please join my group Happy Heart on FB--Kishan Vasekar -My Mission--SAVE MILLION HEARTS

RGO 23 Apr 2013

Do statins really prevent a heart attack?

Unfortunately, the efficiency of statins in preventing heart attacks is immeasurable. Why? Because its impossible to prove someone would have otherwise suffered a heart attack had they NOT been taking the statin.

All we have is industry sponsored studies proclaiming the glory of their own product. And that is all we have.

It is true that death rates from heart disease have declined in the USA since statins came on the market in 1987, and statin proponents are quick to give their product the credit.

But what they aren't telling you is heart disease had been declining 20 years prior to statins, and the rate of decline pre and post statins remained unchanged.

Kishan Vasekar 24 Apr 2013

Last one year , I am not taking any Statin and my LDL is 80 and HDL has improved from 39 to 51.You may like to join my FB group Happy Heart-- free discount card

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