... I work in the food industry and deal with food, cash and customers all day long. When I had a melanoma removed a few months ago, everyone kept asking "what's wrong with your face". I was extremely embarrassed. My company's insurance has agreed to short-term disability (I've never used it in over 30 years of working) so as not to gross everyone out. The nurse at the doctors office said she won't fill out the insurance paperwork. I think her exact words were "its not like you are going through cemo". I asked her about wearing makeup as I have never left home without it, and she said it would irritate my skin. I am extremely upset about her attitude, plus the fact I won't get paid 40% while off without the doctors paperwork, which in effect will cover my healthcare payments. If my insurance is prepared to cover me, why would she refuse to submit my paperwork. I don't know what to do?