Hi im a 22 year old single mother of 2. I have been suffering from post pardum depression and have tried cetalopram and venlafaxine and neither helped. I was recently in the hospital after a suicide attempt and they prescribed me 150 mg wellbutrin xl once daily. Aftwe reading everyones reviews I am very excited and nervous to start this medication (which I start in 2 days because I was to ween myself off venlafaxine). The psychiatrist that prescribed me this does not know my history though and I have a history of drug use (extasy, cocaine, morphine) I am clean now and have been for years but because of this I am very hesitant and scared to take mind altering medications. I have a feeling that its all in my head and if I start taking it with a positive outlook things should be fine but I cant help but be a bit terrified. Any positive reinforcement or anyone that has had a bit of a drug history on this medication now that can share their experience?