i have been on viibryd since july 5th. last year i quit taking paxil after 14 years for generalized anxiety disorder. since then i have been in a horrible anxiety period that i was denying even to myself. finally after muling over it for months i got myself a new therapist. she first gave me latuda which i didnt really like. and then switched me to viibryd. its been 6 days since i started and it seems like my anxiety is through the roof, and i seem restless.
is this common when starting a new antidepressant/antianxiety pill. its been so long since i tried a new one i cant remember how i felt when starting paxil. other side effects are coming and going like reflux, headache, upset stomach.
i guess i ask because saturday of last week day 4 of my starter pack. i felt almost good till i got a headache later that night. but since then i felt even worse then hen i started.
just looking for some reassurance to keep me going and try and make it through the next couple of weeks.
thanks in advance.