I suffer from bad anxiety, depression and ocd. I am on my second day of venlafaxine and I am scared. I have been feeling slightly more anxious and tired from it. The doctor told me to take 37.5mg for a week and then take 2 tablets a day after that. I have been on a number of ssri anti depressants previously prozac and lexapro. They both really helped my conditions but the caused me problems in the bedroom department. I was on zoloft for two weeks but I became completely non functional in the bedroom department which was which led me back to my doctor. So now I have been put on the venlafaxine and there is a few things I am worried about. I am worried it is going to cause me side effects that I don't want and I have also heard it causes the worst withdrawal of any anti depressant? I even had withdrawal coming off prozac and I hear that Is one of the easiest anti depressants to get off. When I came of lexapro I weaned my self off it for months halfing and quartering tablets over about 6 months and this made me experience more or less no withdrawal. The worry with the venlafaxine is if I decide one day I want to come off it is it only seems to be in capsule form which makes it impossible to half and quarter doses. Any advice please?