Hi Everyone,

I have posted similarly this is just more of a update. I had a really good pain DR who is conservative with doses and and been with me since the horrible first stages of my disorder ankylosing spondylitis. I had been slowly becoming more and more dependent and tolerent to narcotics and since I moved I tried to change dr's since he was just over a hour away. That was a huge mistake one DR acted like we was going to take me then on the second appoint saw that I have a Psychiatrist and didn't take me but referred me to a DR. with "more" experience. This guy was working half days out of a house and with out really even getting my records or exam he did a drug test and then wanted to move me from hydrocodone to oxycontin. Instead of doing the daily narcotic twice as indicated in the rx info he gave me the entire dose once in the morning. I went through hell, felt like I might stop breathing then went through withdrawl at night. Called him several times and was told to just hold out till next appt. Just got back with old DR and am safely back on old med. I told him I wanted to try titration off the med to be sure I need it and bring down tolerance and we are both in agreement. I am going to reduce amount slowly by 1/2 pill every week. I didn't kow how bad this stuff could get and really apperciate the current doc even if I have to take off once a month... better than being dead.