Being a person who takes on average 300mg of percocets per day (30 pills at 10mg a piece-and have on some days taken up to 60 pills per day-600mg of percocet/oxycodone) and who is starting suboxone tomorrow-ANYONE WHO IS IN THE SAME SITUATION.HAS HAD THE SAME SITUATION AS ME, can advise the best time for me to start my first dose of suboxone. I already have my suboxone prescription filled. I have 90 tablets at 8mg per piece, the doctor wrote for 3times per day but also CLEARLY TOLD ME for my first dose/first day or even the first few days I may need to and am allowed to take 4 pills. He said when I start to take one pill, wait 20 minutes, if I don't feel better, take another, wait 20 more minutes, take a third if needed and so on up to a fourth IF NEEDED to feel better. My main question (since I just wrote about 10 paragraphs and they accidentally got deleted, so I am trying to sum this up now) is THIS-I WILL BE ABLE TO GO at least 18-19 hours taking NO PAIN MEDS BEFORE STARTING THE SUBOXONE TOMORROW, I took about 25 norcos TODAY instead of my usual 10mg percs, I took 10mg norcos, and took a little less than usual, and took them all since early this morning, the last 5 I took around 1:45PM. This last week I have been trying to take a little less than usual on most days and also take a medicine not as strong as my CHOICE (10mg percocets) so I went back and forth all week between percocet 7.5mgs and 10mg norcos, and tried taking a little less than USUAL. But yesterday I took at least 35-40 10mg pills (I wanted to have ONE LAST HURRAH since I planned on starting today and my brain was "rationalizing" the STUPID DECISION), figuring I was NEVER GOING to take any again after last night so I may as well "ENJOY MYSELF A LITTLE BIT", but things didn't work out as planned. So, my doctor also said it was ok to take valium to sleep and try to wait as long as possible before starting suboxone (as it is recommened to wait 24 hours) but I have tried and the longest I have been able to cope with was 16 hours, but I have it all timed out now to START TOMORROW, and PURPOSELY LEFT MYSELF WITH NO PAIN MEDS, so there is no turning back now-tomorrow is SUNDAY-and I know I will be going to bed early tonight, waking up early tomorrow, wanting to start the suboxone AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, but also do not want to put myself into withdrawals as I have read happens frequently when a person does not WAIT LONG ENOUGH and still has opiates in their bloodstream. I think that due to the LARGE AMOUNTS I HAVE TAKEN FOR SO LONG, it will take a while for them to be out of my bloodstream and I will not be able to bear the withdrawals, the body aches, the runny nose and yawning, and the fatigue, which is already going to start in a few hours, I will deal with, I dealt with it this morning before breaking down and taking norcos while trying to get my suboxone prescription filled. I will take valium to sleep and I will try to hold off as long as I can in the morning. But ADVICE FROM SOMEONE WHO HAS HAD A HABIT LIKE MINE, would be GREATLY APPRECIATED to tell me-if you suggest I start my suboxone as early as I can tomorrow morning-which will have allowed at least 17-19 hours to have elapsed since the last 5 pills I took before-do you think this will help me (and I will follow the doctors orders, starting with one 8mg pill and waiting 20 minutes and so on, taking more if needed) or do you think that due to the large amounts I have been taking for so long that this could cause me to go into even WORSE WITHDRAWALS IF I TRY TO STICK it out a few extra hours and maybe even take another valium when I get up tomorrow and try to sleep longer, so that more hours will have elapsed and I can try to make it to 24 hours untl I start the suboxone. PLEASE ADVISE. If it were up to me, I would start the suboxone right now, but I KNOW IT WILL GIVE ME IMMEDIATE WITHDRAWALS as I have taken norcos all morning and FEEL GREAT RIGHT NOW, but I want to be OFF THESE PAIN MEDS with as little discomfort as possible. So, will it be ok for me to start the suboxone early tomorrow morning or should I try to hold out longer. Originally I was also told I could even start the suboxone 12 hours after my last dose of pain meds, but that I would probably end up beinig VERY UNCOMFORTABLE for the first 24 hours, I don't want to be VERY UNCOMFORTABLE. This is why I spent almost $1000 today between the doctor and the prescription because I want to be as comfortable as possible and NOT FEEL SICK-I want this transition to be AS SMOOTH AS POSSIBLE. I wish I could have started today, but long story (which I accidentally deleted), after going 16 hours with no pain meds, I was having trouble getting the suboxone prescription filled, I was alone, driving around from pharmacy to pharmacy for hours trying to locate one that had it in stock and I BROKE DOWN AND TOOK SOME PAIN MEDS to deal with it, and then of course, right after I took some, the next pharmacy I went to, had it in stock, had I KNOWN THAT, I would have NEVER taken any pills today and I WOULD HAVE STARTED MY SUBOXONE ALREADY but of course, everything got all screwed up. Tomorrow is Valentines today, I was hoping to have started today and feel normal enough tomorrow to go to a movie but now I know I will most likely be in bed all day. Please just advise me on what best to do, and what to expect and ANY OTHER INPUT would be GREATLY APPRECIATED.