I have anxiety and depression, I've been taking Bupropion for about 4-5 months, a few weeks after I started my menstrual cycle, a very very heavy one, that's not normal since I'm on the depo shot I stopped taking it for a week and it stopped I started taking it, it started again, I kept taking my pills it eventually stopped I also started having problems sleeping(more so than the usual, I normally can't fall asleep for a hr or 2, but now I can't fall asleep, I had to start taking sleeping pills),a few days maybe a week later I started having constipation, a couple weeks after that I started having stomach pains, nausea, irritated/aggravated, my eyes hurt at random, Muscle pains occasional chest pains, I talked to my PCP he tole me to take Prilosec and ibuprofen in a few weeks the pains should go away. They haven't. What should I do?