I'm a little nervous, as I'm sure most people are when starting new meds. I have tried 2 other ADs for anxiety.. My most recent was paxil and I stuck with it for 3 months at various doses and my panic attacks stopped but the side effects never went away.
Anyone have good results with Lex? I know everyone is different but both my pdoc and therapist have high hopes that this med will work because celexa worked well for me about 5 years ago when I was in a rut.
I was wondering how long it might take to start feeling the positive effects? Could it start working pretty fast since I was just on paxil for a few months and the serotonin has already started to build up in my system? My doc said about 2 weeks, the pharmacist said 6 weeks, and my therapist said it could be a couple of days... so my answers are kind of all over the place.
I am hoping people with experience with this drug might have a more definitive answer.

Anyway sorry for the rambling and asking so many questions... I'm just nerous...
Im keeping my fingers crossed hoping that this med is the one! 3rd time is HOPEFULLY the charm!