I was recently diaganosed with Bipolar unspecified. I never had the depression for longer than 3-4 days and I also would rapid cycle some days. 6 months back I got on Zoloft for PMDD, it was the first psych med I was on. It helped with my anger and aggression but was almost always in some state of mania. I made some poor decisions but through those I found myself. I also realized I needed help. Doc put me on Lamictal and I just started 25 mg (like 5 days ago) and am being titrated up to 200 mg over 5 weeks. I have found that I feel disconnected from the world. I have a lot going on (consequences of my actions, not legal or anything, personal) and I have always felt like I was on the sidelines of everything around me but this is so much worse. I’m not feeling hopeless, instead I feel like I am finally on the right path to health. I just don’t feel a connection to the people around me. Is this normal?