... I took Xanax AS NEEDED for almost 15 years. Once in a great while for years & in the past few years diagnosed with severe anxiety & panic & taking .5 to 1.0 at least once a day. When i took it I would go from total freak out mode to completely balanced in about 15 minutes. Lifesaver! I've tried all those brain juices ex. Prozac, zoloft ect. & my body refuses it all. Only the xanax helped. Finally found a Dr. That would continue with my meds but after 3 months with him he requested to start me on Klonopins. Not happy but I just want it to go away, So I told him I would try it. This is my 3rd day & instead of taking .5 - 1.0, 2-3 times a day, I'm only taking .25, 3 times a day. The 1st night I took .5 & I started Wiggin out. Not bad but enough to scare me. So easing into it felt more comfortable. I know it's only been 2 full days but I feel weird, my mind feels scattered..shakey at times.. Confused feels lIke the attack is tring to break through. And headaches! My face gets hot & my head aches so bad .. To the point I wanna jump & find a xanax.. but I havent. No REAL panic attacks just probably my mind getting the best of me, but I feel like a mess! I WISH it would relax me! And I'm so nervous to take more.. I just wonder if that "overall" feeling will go away, & if I do have a panic attack, can I take a little more like I could with xanax?
Any help would be amazing! Thank you