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I am starting Harvoni in 2 days. Friday April 26 2017. When is best taken morning or nite?

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Tonytone1 26 Apr 2017

I just tried to remember to take it every morning so I didn't skip a day

birdloversc 27 Apr 2017

I like taking mine in the morning so I don't forget to take it at the same time everyday. Taking it at the same time everyday is very important from what I have been told. I also like taking it in the mornings because it makes me very sleepy about a hour after I take it for about 2 hours. I find I can get up and do something to keep busy and I don't feel sleepy. If I just sit around it makes it worse.

Djwebb 27 Apr 2017

Brendacarver16, how did your first few day go. I remember the first few days being scary to me. I was a little light headed. After the second day it went away. I was probably not drinking enough water. Good luck and God Bless...

I took mine @ 10:00am. I drink a large glass of water before and after, I then drink water all through the day...


I started taking it at 8 am .I get up at 5 am and drink large glass of water then I drink black coffee two cups .then I drink water for one hour until 8 and took my medicin .harvoni.I was really terrified taking that big pill .but as the day went on I just took water with me an occasional tea .and I have more energy than I have had in a long tme .basically no side effects yet .pray for me .because still tomorrow will be pill no 4 .and I am praying for all of you .


Thanks for asking. I am on day three .and I took it Saturday morning at 8 am .no side effects yet.pray for me as I pray for my group .fighting this battle

Storm1972 27 Apr 2017

I took mine at noon every day, how are you feeling?

Stephen Treloar 1 May 2017

I took mine at about 1:00am after my pre-bed snack.

Stephen Treloar 1 May 2017

PS. I was a bit casual about the time also (I was also on Ribavirin); 2 hours early, 2 hours late. Still, I am HCV RNA negative and can't complain.

Blondie01kw 1 Jun 2017

I am starting tomorrow. I am little scared but, I am so happy that my insurance paid and I got a grant. I am tapering off of prednisone at the same time. My Hepatologist said it should be okay.
I was thinking of taking it at bedtime because of the issue, that it might make me sleepy. I am already fatigued from the prednisone taper.
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