I am so far so pleased with the results from starting Savella for my fibromyalgia! I was exhausted days 1 and 2, but woke up day 3 with no pain! I couldn't believe it! However, I also started experiencing hot flashes through the day with hyperhidrosis. I was sweating so badly that my hair was soaked and all my makeup had run off at work. I remembered the patient info on my Levsin for IBS warned that it decreased sweating, so after checking for drug interactions, I tried taking Levsin with it the next day. Made me very sleepy, but really helped with the sweating. Are there any other suggestions? I have also read about weight side effects of Savells. I am eating when I take the Savella so I don't risk the chance of getting nauseated, but am worried about the weight gain. Have been so tired and lazy feeling for years that it's been impossible to stick to any diet or exercise program. Does anyone have comments on the weight issues as well? If day 5 is any indication of the future, I can definitely see myself getting back into being more active and having a better quality of life!