So I will try to keep this as short as possible, but I just started cymbalta 4 days ago. I know that it takes 3 weeks for your body to begin getting used to it.

I am having side effects. Some insomnia, and most of them are in the morning (I take 30mg at nite) I wake up with my heart racing, extremely shakey and dizzy and nauseous. Every day so far. I know everyone says ask your doctor. But I unfortunately am stuck with my Dr due to my insurance and don't trust him further then I could throw a stick...

So I am just asking for experienced cymbalta takers opinions! Has anyone else experienced this?

I was in a very bad car crash when I was 19 weeks pregnant last January (baby boy and I are both ok thank god) except for herniated discs in my neck and back injurys. When I went to see this Dr 4 days ago, he told me I had a 102 fever (I went home and took it 7 times with 2 different thermometers... was 97) anyways, I've had ongoing sinus issues (living with 4 cats I'm allergic as heck to) and I asked, why would this new antibiotic he wanted to put me on help, if the last 3 did not. He said "I have no clue" hence why I do not trust him! Anyways, he wants me taking cymbalta, cipro (antibiotic) neurontin, tramadol and singular (for asthma) I never had asthma issues... anyways I felt this was WAY too much and am currently only taking the cymbalta, tramadol as needed only and Claritin for my allergys.

I am a stay at home mom with 2 babies barely 11 months apart. So my main question is, (and yes I know it's different for everyone) how long did these side effects last for you?? And how did you feel during the first week of taking the med???