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I'm starting Celexa 10 mg tonight,I'm afraid anyone take it and have positive outcome?

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PepperM 6 Nov 2015

Of course you'll have a positive outcome. It's a low dose. Give it plenty of time to kick in. It usually takes about a month. Try not to be afraid of what your doctor prescribes you. He's only trying to help you. I was on it once and had to keep increasing the dosage to reach peak performance. So it's a good medicine Good luck with it. Pepper

jethro bach 6 Nov 2015

Thank you for your advice.I really appreciate your help.

PepperM 6 Nov 2015

Jethro bach, you don't have to thank me but Ty too. We're all in this together. Ask anything at anytime. We're here. Pepper

WildcatVet 6 Nov 2015

Hi, jethro! Celexa has an excellent reputation for treating depression and anxiety and millions of people benefit from it. That's why it's so widely prescribed!
But be patient ~ you won't get instant relief. As Pepper has said it may be a month or so before you start feeling better. So hang in there. Things will be brighter soon.
Best wishes, WCV

chuck1957 6 Nov 2015

Jethro; Yes as the ladies said this medication has been used alot and your doctor is smart starting you on a low dose and remember most of side effects you might get when you first start go away, For most people in 5 to 10 days so try and force through them and if lucky you won't have any.And this one does start to work faster within 4 weeks better than others that take 6 to 8 weeks to reach the right blood level.

AlmostThereJD 10 Nov 2015

I really liked celexa, but it didn't help me with all of my psychological issues. But every med is different for every person... For instance, my doctor had me taking it in the morning because it woke me up a lot more than my other meds. It gave me energy for some reason. I see that you're taking it at night, but I was also on 3 other medications. But personally, to answer your question... Celexa is a great medication from my own opinion and I hope that it works well for you also!! free discount card

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