Been on Depo for a little over 4 yrs and had no issues with it until I stopped using it last yr due to a move (missed my shot) and got the adverse reaction of weight gain(not during the shot but after) and when I got back on it a few months ago, it held in my weight, couldn't lose a pound so I just recently got off and was able to have my period again after not having it for so many years and so my doctor prescribed my Apri.
First time on the pill, heard good and bad news esp about weight gaining or losing weight but everyones different so I'm giving it a shot.
Question is, since my insurance was being annoying and slow all week, my period had been over for like a week almost 2 now and finally got to pick up a pack yesterday, could I start taking them now even with my period being over with???
Need replies asap please. I want some kind of BC in me soon due to both my kids being conceived by pre-cum literally.