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I'm starting my 5th week of treatment with sovaldi ribavirin and interferon. anybody else out there?

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sueme 27 Mar 2014

53 yr old fm did injections 2012 undetectable, did not work so jan doc told me about sovaldi, ep c geno2 got a tattoo in 80's so did 5 other friends on the same needle don't drink quite actually 10 yrs before I found out I had it. don't do drugs or smoke happy healthy just on my 45 day sovaldi,ribo had side effects increased venlafaxine decreased ribo from 1200-6 for a week helped with anemia, this week doing a lot of juicing don't know if you purchased one yet great help will keep you posted half way there ,took a month off work leave of absence work for a great company feel like this will get me up and going each day to a better me keep up a positive attitude remember mind of the body because its hard enough the mental stuff that comes with this but if your a fighter you can make it which if your on hear listening to me your fighting but not alone ok be positive that this is the answer to our cure we got this :) ps in 12 weeks undetectable with the injections now 4 weeks undetectable its working :)

Happy4now 27 Mar 2014

I'm so glad you're getting thru your treatment! The treatments get very hard to tolerate at times but you will get thru it.. Keep your eye on the price! Just keep reminding yourself you're doing the right thing!
I completed 48 weeks of interferon, pegasys and incivek! I had a lot of side affects at times but it was all worth it! It's been almost 8 months post treatment and I cleared the virus!
Keep us posted on how you're doing..

mludwig54 12 Apr 2014

I'm very curious as to why you were prescribed 'Interferon' with the 'Sovaldi and Ribavirin' treatment??? I have been on just 'Sovaldi and Ribavirin' for 8 weeks, and my viral count is ZERO, compared to well over 2 million when I started.
The 'Sovaldi' is the 'miracle' drug used with the Ribavirin that makes the duo work. I sure hope you haven't been suffering like I did when I tried 'Interferon' 10 yrs ago. I have no side effects with this current treatment. {{{hugs}}}

callmemars1 30 Jul 2014

hello... I've been taking ribavirin and sovaldi tablets and am on my 6th week. my hep c count was 4,000,000 before I started and as of last week my count was <1.18 !! I am a 63 yr old woman. as far as side effects are concerned, everything they told me to expect are completely opposite. I have more energy and am more clear headed now then I was in my thirties, and no other side effects; seriously!! anyone else have the same effects?

cyndisilvas 26 Jun 2015

Im 63, took the old interferon treatment 10 yrs ago, but it returned, problem I never went back to the Dr for 10 yrs. I now have stage 4 cirrohsis, and am completing the 4th month of Sovaldi/ Ribavirin. I had to take off work, hopefully I'll feel better once this is over. It is not as bad as the previous treatment, and i should be good as new..shortly

mama620 1 Jul 2015

Diagnosed in 2001, starting solvaldi/ribivirin this Fri July 3rd. Anything I should be aware of?

cyndisilvas 1 Jul 2015

Im having side effects still and can't wait till its over..I wish I knew why im getting chest palpitations but on my right side of my breast..for the last few days and every few minutes so weird..since I have no insurance I'm not able to get labs done or see my Dr..but I need to call and maybe I'll find out why..

mama620 1 Jul 2015

Can you call the solvaldi pharmacy?? Sounds serious to me. You haven't had any lab work since you began? How are they monitoring you?
Let me see if I can access the 24 hour pharmacy phone number. Here it is : 855-497-7956 Biocare pharmacy. That's the number I was given to call should I have any issues.
I hope they can help you. free discount card

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