Hi all, new here but not new to the opiate game, I have been using on and off for 5 years, it all started when my mother passed away suddenly and I flipped, I have always been strong but I couldnt take it, lortabs gave me numbness from the depression I always faught, energy and confidence. I need to stop, I started again from a 9 months sober in april of this year and I have been taking them non stop, like 5 a day and on somedays more ;( it has made me broke, ruined my marriage and so much more, I still have a job working at a medical office but I cant go through wd here at work, I know how horrible they are and not only the physical but the depression like there was a death in my life is the worst :( I take 20mg of lexapro a day so I think last time I stopped ct the lex helped alot, it helps me everyday, I just want my marriage back if my husband takes me back, he said he is done and this has only hightened me to use, I want my life back :( I have been down the wd road before so I know its like a death in the family bc the pills got me through my emotions. I wish I could take off on monday bc I know I will feel like shit the first 72 hours, I just want to sleep through it bc the depression and mood swings are the worst. Please new friends... Please help me... Talk to me and help me through this. I have been reading alot from melinda 7. 5, been theredone that and a few more so please friends, help your sister out. Im so very scared :(