... June 2013. I weaned down to only 25mg every 2 days (3-25mg a week) I have been depressed for about 6months. At first I thought it was the pregnancy but now I'm thinking it's the Zoloft being this is my 2nd pregnancy & did not feel like this during my 1st pregnancy. Honestly, I've NEVER been depressed like this for this long. I never felt this depressed before Zoloft. I'm wondering if it's bc my body got used to the Zoloft & that is where my depression is coming from. I just don't know what to do bc I'm pregnate. I don't want to start taking it everyday again till after my pregnancy bc my OBGYN told me once I get to 33weeks they are going to wean me off completely by my due date. If anyone has any advice as to what I could do or is my depression most likely caused from cutting my dose of Zoloft way back??? Thx u