Hi everyone... after taking effexor 150mg for about 10 years, it pooped out on me about a year ago. Since then I have tried many different medications (celexa, lexapro, paxil, brentellix, fetzima, cymbalta and viibryd). But either due to side effects or they just didn't work well enough I am now trying wellbutrin and buspar. I have panic disorder, anxiety and depression. Oh, and since the effexor crash, I've been taking xanax .5 twice a day and 1mg to sleep. (Which I absolutely hate having to take!) I'm only on day 3 of the wellbutrin/buspar combo. I know it's very soon to tell if this is going to work. I guess I'm just looking for feedback on this combo. The pschyotrist and I decided to try this because I was getting such ugly side effects from some of the others and these 2 medications (in his experience) work fairly well together with the least amount of nasty side effects. I'm just basically at a loss right now and I really want my fun loving happy self back. Any input or suggestions would be extremely appreciated! Thanks!