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Just started viibryd 7 days ago. Have gained nine lbs. I have not changed diet or anything?

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Marvell 17 Feb 2012

That's a pretty rapid weight gain. I would suggest that you discuss it with your doctor.

JFBS 17 Feb 2012

I have noticed I gain weight too. Bummer.

mommyof4inny 27 Jun 2012

I have been taking Viibryd for six month and I too have experience weight gain despite Viibryd claims that it does not cause weight gain. I am currently being monitored monthly by my doctor. I go for monthly weight and blood pressure check ups. My doctor can verify that since starting Viibryd I have gained 20 pounds. I am currently prepping for an upcoming surgery. I have cut many foods and drinks out of my diet. I currently drink only water and green tea. I excerise daily. There is no reason for this weight gain. Viibryd is the only medication that I am currently taking and as I mentioned, it can be proven that my weight has increased significantly since starting Viibryd. I am 40 years old and my weight had been stable prior to starting Viibryd. I have also been experiencing very vivid dreams and nightmares since starting Viibryd. And, unfortunately, I am one of the rare few who have experience sexual side effects on this drug. On the positive side, Viibryd is working for me. My doctor and I are continuing to monitor these side effects. free discount card

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