So yesterday I was prescribed to 37mg of Venlafaxine for the first time. It's been years since I was on anything for anxiety. I wouldn't say my anxiety is crippling, but it's constantly in the back of my mind. It can be triggered by something as harmless as a stranger in the grocery store asking me a question, to going to family gatherings around the holidays and of course any form of public speaking. I'm beating myself up about being on this medication because I feel like I should be able to handle this on my own. I'm not convinced that I should be taking this medication and that thought alone is making my anxiety worse. I'm a stay at home mom, so my typical day of playing with the kids, going to parks or playdates are generally fairly free of anxiety, but it feel like it's always sitting there waiting to rear its ugly head. My more intense anxiety is generally triggered by being put on the spot with a question, whether its from a family member, or a stranger, feeling "stuck", like if I go out to dinner with new people and realize I have to stay put for a considerable amount of time and anytime I have to say anything aloud in front of a group, even if it's just my name. I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder with a social phobia aspect as well and prescribed venlafaxine 37mg daily and .5mg xanax as needed. I took my first venlafaxine pill before bed last night and tossed and turned. This morning my anxiety feels worse than it ever does normally in the morning and I had to stop drinking my normal cup of coffee because I was starting to feel my heart pound and was starting to sweat. Not sure if this is just the medication or anxiety because I keep thinking about it or both. My pupils are also dialated. I logged online and reading some other peoples posts have temporarily calmed me down. I have a family event tomorrow evening and I'm worried about taking my pill tonight because I'm afraid my anxiety will be even worse tomorow and I'm afraid I could have a panic attack at the event. Should I skip the pill tonight (it would only be my second pill of it ever) to ensure that tomorrows family event goes smoothly?? I'm feeling so lost and confused about that whole matter. Not sure if I should continue with the meds. Not sure how I'm going to get through the next few weeks with this added anxiety looming. Any suggestions would really help. Thanks, Megan