Hi. I'm new to this group I was hoping someone can help me I've been taking venaflaxine for 16 days and I'm still up and down I'm on 75mg the side effects have been not too bad only very anxious feelings.
Yesterday I felt really calm after taking my dose then by evening I felt very tearful again.
Will I ever have a stable mood again how do I know these tablets are working.
I had one day well a few hours of feeling like me again really happy after a week on 37.5mg then the next day bang depressed again.
I've suffered depression on and off for about 20 years first time I took Prozac 20mg for a year then I weaned my self off and took St. John's wort which I was fine on for about 10 years then they stopped working for me I then took escitolapram for about 9 years again I was fine on them until about 3 months ago I felt the black cloud return and I couldn't get rid of it.
Any advice would be much appreciated.