Hello. I went to my psychiatrist with all of the symptoms I have written in a notebook, she didn't really listen, and did not want to read herself, but she diagnosed me with symptoms of depression and anxiety, social anxiety in my condition. She prescribed me with Zoloft and I started taking it a day after. 25mg. I have been taking it for a week and a day now, I feel much worse. No panic attacks now, but it makes me very depressed, even more than before. and more tired. I saw a video on Youtube and someone said the first month of antidepressant is always the worse, it brings you down before it brings you up, is this correct? It's been a week now, and I dont know weather to keep taking it or just take l-tryptophan to increase serotonin levels? my vitamin d levels are also low, and i experience cognitive symptoms of depression every day.. i cant even watch TV shows or play games, cant enjoy anything I can't concentrate and my memory sucks so much. i dint understand what happened to my memory, I just want to not be so depressed and I just want quiet.. hearing my dad shouts at my mom to get out of bed does not help, it just makes me and her more depressed. I have no motivation at all for anything.. I want to start working out again, i want to go outside for even a walk. but i just cant.. I dont the motivation and confidence, I am basically 24/7 at home with no friends and only 4 un-supportive people around me every day, I'd just like to know what to do keep taking Zoloft?