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Started taking paxil for anxiety will I have to be on it for a long time?

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jk13 26 Dec 2010

Honestly, I guess it depends on what you do. If you go see a therapist or a psychologist, then no. If you just take the drug, usually anxiety issues don't go away by themselves, and become more of a chronic issue. Anxiety issues are easily solved (ok, not really easy, but doable) with therapy of some sort.

Delila 26 Dec 2010

Hi i've been having some intensive therapy recently and was put on to paxil, i only stayed on it for a week. It was enough to relax me while i had counselling etc, and now my meds have been changed. I know someone who has been on it for a few months though also. I guess you doctor will do what he thinks is best. Sorry, this doesn't really answer your question, but it can vary, it's all about the individual patient.

jk13 26 Dec 2010

It's always great to hear from all different perspectives, cause I know that my statement is very very biased according to my personal experiences. This is something that I need to think about before commenting...

First timer 28 Dec 2010

Thanks I guess ill have to start looking for a therapisrly

Delila 28 Dec 2010

It really is a good idea to talk to someone about things that worry you, even better to talk to someone that understands, either a professional or someone who has been through the same trials themselves. A lot of people steer away from psychiatrists etc but it is amazing how much better they can make you feel if you are open to their advice and help. Good luck! free discount card

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