So I'm a 23 year old male with add and extremely bad anxiety, I've been put on adderall (40mg per day) and paxil (20mg per day). I've been on both for 7 days now, it seems as if they are helping with anxiety and my add, but at some points I can still feel my anxiety coming back, I was wondering if that was normal? If it tends to fade more and more the longer I take it? It's very important to me that I can stop feeling like I'm going to have an anxiety attack everytime I do something, it affects me badly, leaving me in constant fear. I also wanted to know if taking adderall while on paxil could make my anxiety worse? Or even be making the paxil less likely to cover my anxiety. I'd like to know what you guys thought about paxil mainly, did it help you with anxiety? Could you possibly go in front of 100 people and speak while on this drug? And after 7 days should I be having no anxiety? Seeing as everybody gets nervous about different things, I'll try and be more specific so maybe I can get an answer from someone in my boat possibly as well, I become panicked at the thought of everyone looking at me, the thought of speaking infront of people, if I'm about to be in a fight, or even pay for groceries at the counter. All of these thing make me start shaking and stutter, sentences become hard to connect, face turns red, then start sweating. In some cases I will completely lock up and can barely move while my heart is pounding. So please let me know if you think this can help me. Thank you for reading.