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I just started taking contrave 4 days ago and I've gained almost 2 pounds. Should I continue to tak?

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Inactive 13 Aug 2015

No, do not stop taking it. The scale will go up and down. I had that happen. I have started using MyFitnessPal this past Tuesday and it has helped me tremendously on keeping track of my eating. I am down 3.8 pounds and I am not done with my 3rd week. My 4th week starts on Monday the 17th. That makes me happy.
You still have to work at losing. Contrave just helps with the appetite and cravings.
Give it time. :)

Rgantt 13 Aug 2015

I would definitely continue to take contrave. I lost 88 pounds since I started in January but the first month I didn't lose any Weight do not get discouraged pay attention to your body, nausea for me meant I was eating too much, like if you had gastric bypass and overate you would get nausea, at least that's what my friends who have had gastric bypass tell me. Think of Contrave as gastric bypass in a pill form. For me after the first month I had no desire for food or drink of any kind, to the point that I was not getting enough nutrition and my hair started falling out, since then I made a proper adjustments to eat more nutritious food and no longer have the hair falling out problem.
For me, I could only take four or five bites before I became nauseous so I had to choose what I ate very carefully to get enough nutrition.
Good Luck

Maddy1 13 Aug 2015

I don't get any side affects and what I eat I shouldn't of gained a ounce. All I eat is plain chicken and a lot of fruits sweet potatoes .. So why would I gain so much weight in 4 days

JayMonster 14 Aug 2015

You are not going to lose (or gain) any weight with Contrave following a diet plan that you would otherwise not lose (or gain). It is not a "thermogenic" compound so it doesn't "burn fat" nor is it a stimulant, so you are not going to get that "speed freak" I can't eat sort of jittery feeling.

Now that being said, you have spent 4 days taking 1/4 dose... There is a reason they say that you need to spend 12 weeks "at full dosage" to determine if Contrave is going to work for you. The first three weeks is all about titrating up to minimize side effects as your body adjusts. It isn't until week four that you are going be taking the full dosage.

Now is the time to review your diet and calorie plans to see what you may wish to modify.

Ensure you are getting protein at every meal. plans mid afternoon (and if necessary mid-morning) snacks to help get you from meal to meal without getting ravenous.

Rgantt 14 Aug 2015

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