... This was based on a form she had me fill out when I went to the office with anxiety. This anxiety was based on very difficult family situations plus I was getting married in 2 weeks, which was wonderful, but still produced stress. For the next 5 weeks I had almost every possible Lexapro symptom listed. After 5 weeks of hell I started going to a psycologist and a holistic doctor. Both diagnosed me with Adjustment Disorder with Anxiety, no pharmaceuticals needed. I immeadiately started a program to get off Lexapro. Thanks to the Lexapro boards I saw what people did that helped them be successful ie: vitamins, exercise, acupuncture, talk therapy. I developed a “plan”. Before tapering I put myself under the new doctors supervision, boosted my vitamins, started once a week with therapist, had blood and urine testing at doctors and started acupuncture. For 10 days I cut pills to 7.5 mil, then to 5.0 for another 10 days, which I am now on day 3. At the end of this 10 day period I will cut them to 2.5 for ten days and then the last 10 days, off one day, 2.5 the other. I am also taking Lorazepam (one .5 pill per day) to help with the original anxiety I still have.

I'm starting this post to share my ongoing story, hoping it may encourage others to have the courage to taper