I was taking around 5 oxycodone 30mg a day for 3 years and been taking pain meds for around 2 years prior to that but not that strong. Started with real pain problems and then just got out of hand. My last oxy was Friday at 3pm and started suboxone Saturday at 8 am (so about 17 hrs in between). The doctor didn't see me for long at all Friday and just told me to take 3 8mg strips a day the first month. I done what he said Saturday and I don't think I got the first dose right because I didn't know how to take it. Don't think I held it in long enough, just about 3 min. I think I got that figured out by reading how to take it online.

Yesterday: day 1--- I was sick all day in the bathroom and dizzy. I got about 20mg through out the day in my system.

Today: day 2--- I have cut back today and took 4mg four times today. I am still dizzy and feel weird and spacey.

I thought I might be feeling bad because all the stuff online about 24mg and plus being to high. Plus I don't want to stay on these for more than 3 months so I don't want a strong dose to come off of. Any suggestions? Should I take more during the beginning to get them in my system? I am dizzy and have a few more symptoms that feel like withdraws. Thanks for any help.