... sex that Friday morning ( I say Friday morning cause it was like 3am), not to mention he ejaculated in me. So that is a total 5 days of taking the pill. I've timed myself to take it every morning at 9:00am.. So I will take it today (in a couple of hours)... I know this may sound like a stupid question but can taking it so close to the time I've had sex help prevent me from getting pregnant?? I have been taking it every day at the same time since I have started & read that it takes 7 days for Sprintec to properly work and be effective.. How bad is my risk of getting pregnant since I'm 2 days shy from the 7 day mark?? Also, will taking the morning after pill help to prevent me from not getting pregnant though I'm on birth control? Is it okay to do that... I know I have a lot of questions, I just need to know and am freaking out because this is the first time he's ever ejaculated in me. I can't be pregnant, it's the whole reason I Got on birth control.. . Granted I know it was stupid to have unprotected sex so soon. Please someone help me out