So I began 12.5mg of quetiapine 3 weeks ago tomorrow, that gave me a peace of mind for a while as antidepressants gave me suicidal thoughts. I am now onto 2 x 12.5mg a day (one morning one night) I don’t get tired or drowsy anymore. I am a single mom to my amazing 1 year old my anxiety is still very high and racing thoughts of just general anxiety of “what ifs” and getting very worried I got my real diagnosis 3 weeks ago of GAD and TRAITS of bipolar but not bipolar diagnosed. Am praying that this will get better. What dose do people recommend for GAD to just stop racing thoughts?? I only want positive experiences as my anxiety will just obsess that it will not get better if people give negative experiences! I am going back to docs tomorrow to try up the medicines again as they suggested 12.5mg three times a day (half of 25mg) which is better the extended release or immediate? I am currently on immediate but I think a higher dose such as 50mg or 100mg would be better. I don’t tolerate SSRI's well at all I just need to have a peaceful mind again! My moods are a lot better I haven’t cried or anything since taking these as the fluoxetine the had me on made me lose my mind after 6 days! So now my anxiety is just left to tackle!