Hello I'm new to this forum and would love some help / advice.

I'm on day 5 of Prozac and clearly it is making my symptoms worse! I'm having more and intense intrusive thoughts, usually until about lunchtime (I take it in the morning) and then it subsides by the afternoon/evening and I feel somewhat OK.

I sleep well and augment it with an antipsychotic as well as some Valium. But I'm still super anxious in the mornings!!

My psychiatrist says if this persists he's going to pull the pin and make me stop. I feel this is just too soon as it takes how long to take effect? 2/4/6 weeks?

But the side effects can be really hard at times so I wonder if I should put it to him to stay on it longer and try and put up with the elevated anxiety or just do what he says and stops.

He says no other medication will make the thoughts go away :'(