... armour syntgroid on July 3,2015 I had a grand Mal seizure and a mild to moderate stroke due to the fact that my doctor put me on levunsynthroid 100msg per day and waited too long to check my TSH Levels.
Well I finally have a endocrinologist that has put me on nature-thyroid 16.25mg one in the morning and one at 3:00pm
I have gained 65lbs in just around 6 months. Does anyone have any advice for trying to get my metabolism back. There were times I could still sleep for days. It's a little better but my stomach swelled up I looked like I was 8 to 9 months pregnant.
I know my doctor will have to adjust my medication again. But this thyroid problem has given me more and more medical problems than I could name.
So any advice would be great. Thanks everyone :)