... go into all "timeframe" details..Back on Effex.. then Cymb..again - this time stopped (on my own) after short time - then nothing. Started Effex (generic.. 75 for a month, then back to 150). Then (on my own again) took Effex. 150 every other day till gone... then nothing for couple months. So, NO traces left of anything when began Pristiq 50, 7 days ago (as said). Know these meds take time, but don't remember w/any of the above feeling more "down" than ever on just beginning. Also, read comments (not from support page) of gaining energy, etc. NOT happening. I am almost questioning my "sanity." This is prescribed for depression, but I feel PTSD is a factor, due to added circumstances since the 'ole Effex... days. Basically, I "know the drill" re time for these types of Rx's to "kick in," but am (obviously) concerned this time, or I wouldn't be here in a support group. Probably should have been a long time ago, but just discovered "you." Maybe should be in "depression" group too :) Am really distressed. Thanks to any and all of you who no doubt understand, or you wouldn't be here either