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Started Paxil a week ago and feel worse anxity is way higher lost 9 lbs in a week?

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janiebme 25 Jul 2016

Hi tcrile-
Try to wait it out another two weeks. Many of the antidepressants can make your anxiety worst before better. I am sorry you are having such a hard time. Talk to your doctor maybe he/she can give you something to help you through the next couple of weeks so that you do not loose anymore weight.
Hope you can feel better soon :)

Sherpardlou 10 Aug 2016

I have to put my 2 cents in. Paxil worked wonders for me only needed 10 mlg however it did take awhile to work. Heads up though/ getting off this medication kicks your butt. I'm on week 1 :(

chuck1957 26 Jul 2016

tcrile; Really can't agree more with Jamie, This is very common with these type of medications but your almost through the worst part. Try and continue but you should talk with the doctor too!! It is very common that the problems these medications help gets worse when you first start it then after a few weeks the side effects start to go away and slowly you start to feel better. But if you need to call the doctor and see if the doctor can give you something to help you while your body is adjusting to this medication. And watch your weight make sure you are eating well, good luck and feel free to check back.

manager5 26 Jul 2016

Hi Tcrille,

I agree with Jamie that most of these anti anxiety meds cause you to feel worse before you feel better. Try eating and drinking an ensure to keep your weight up. I hope you have a good appetite. Look help is about two or three weeks away. The doctor can help you with an additional medication until the paxil kicks in. We are with you and have gone where you are... and we survived in tact... so will you. Ask your doctor for more help that is what he is there for. We all feel the stress especially now. The funky politics going on, the protesting everywhere, and the shooters and bombers around. It is no wonder that we are all on high anxiety. Listen tcrille Hang in there and remember we are here for you... Manager 5. free discount card

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